Rifle and Bow Hunting Info

At Tuli Safaris, we provide  personal attention to every detail of your hunting safari. We are passionate about hunting and our our commitment will shine through from our initial contact, all the way through the booking process and not end on your departure day but continue until your trophies safe and sound back home with you. We treat our clients as friends - enjoying an outing in beautiful Mother Nature - as opposed to just another customer.

Rifle Hunting Information:

Rifle hunts are conducted fair chase (i.e. walk and stalk / spot and stalk). As our hunting area is large - hunting vehicles are used to traverse the property and look for animals or fresh sign upon which we alight from the vehicle and pursue our quarry on foot. Exceptions to this rule is made for disabled hunters (i.e. those who are not mobile enough to hunt via this method).

Importing rifles into Botswana is not a complicated process but it does involve some pre-planning and permits need to be applied for in advance. Tuli Hunting Safaris have good camp rifles available for rental - should you opt not to bring your own rifles. We charge a fee of $25 per rifle per day and ammunition used is charged for per round used at store prices.

Please take note of the following information - should you opt to bring your own rifles with on your hunt with Tuli Safaris:

As the quickest and most convenient way of getting here is via South Africa, you will need two separate temporary import / export permits for your hunt with Tuli Safaris. One permit will be required for your travel through South Africa and another for Botswana. You may bring a maximum of three firearms (two rifles and one shotgun or vice versa). Value added tax (VAT) is charged on ammunition upon entry into Botswana and a maximum of 100 rounds per firearm is allowed. Firearms and ammunition must be packed separately in locked cases when travelling through Botswana.

Procedure to import your rifle(s) into Botswana for your hunt with Tuli Safaris:

South African Permit

You can apply for a South African temporary import / export permit upon arrival at OR Tambo International Airport by completing and submitting a SAPS520 application form together with the following supporting documentation:

  • Proof of ownership of your firearm(s) (US Customs 4457 form)
  • Certified copy of your passport
  • Copy of your flight itinerary
  • Invitational letter from Tuli Safaris

During prime hunting season the queues can be long and delays can be expected at the SA Police Firearms Office at OR Tambo Airport. We therefore recommend that you avail of the services of Hunters Support to apply for a temporary import / export permit in advance. Hunters Support will need the aforementioned documentation from you at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival date so it is important to organise this well in advance.

Botswana Permit

Your Botswana permit has to be be pre-issued and cannot be applied for at the border post. It can take up to three weeks to obtain a firearm import permit for Botswana from the time an application is submitted so again, it is important to organise this in time.

Tuli Hunting Safaris will need the following information / documentation from you to apply for your Botswana import permit:

  • Certified copy of gun owner's passport
  • Copy of your firearm license (or proof of ownership such as US Customs form 4457 in the case of US citizens)
  • Gun make, calibre, serial number and number of rounds
  • Letter from the gun owner authorising Tuli Safaris to apply for a permit on behalf of the owner
  • Upon receipt of above documentation we will provide you with a letter of invitation and apply for the import permit on your behalf

Bow Hunting Information:

Whilst possible to hunt via walk and stalk with bow and arrow at Tuli Safaris, we need to reiterate that our hunting area is large and the most popular (and effective) method of bow hunting is from blinds at waterholes. For this purpose we have built several permanent blinds at selected waterholes. These blinds are there exclusively for bow hunters. No rifle hunting is allowed from our bow blinds and we have good success harvesting quality animals with bow and arrow from there.

No special permits are needed for importing bows into Botswana. However - due to our location - getting spares and accessories locally can be problematic and we therefore recommend that bow hunters come well prepared and bring sufficient equipment and spares with them.